The Concept

Cross-Giving is the first online platform allowing you to convert your time into a donation!

3 easy ways to help the not-for-profit association of your choice

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    Donate Money:

    All Cross-Giving members can make a donation within just a few clicks. Your donation is eligible for an official donation receipt, which Cross-Giving will email you at the beginning of the year

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    Buy a Service:

    All persons connected on Cross-Giving can find a service corresponding to their needs within a few clicks. The remuneration for this service will go to a non-for-profit association.

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    Offer a service:

    Offer a service based on your competencies and availabilities. Cross-Giving will then put in relation with a kind person wanting to buy your service. The money will go to an association of your choice. An easy way to make a donation without spending money.

Put to contribution a few hours of your time to help good causes

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How It Works ?

Getting Started:

Create your Cross-giving account. Select your favorite cross-giving certified associations, which will benefit from the money received for your offered services.

Your fiscal receipt:

Your fiscal receipt will be sent to you by email at the beginning of the year. It will include a full summary of your donations made for the fiscal year.

Which Association?

Cross-Giving welcomes all non-for-profit association. Cross-Giving runs background checks to verify their transparency and integrity. The inscription is free of charge.

To make a money donation:

  1. Selection to association of your choice

  2. Make the donation of your choice

  3. You will then receive a fiscal donation receipt by email

To offer a service:

  1. Describe the service who wish to propose and establish a price

  2. A cross-giving user, in need of your service, will contact you to set a meeting time

  3. The remuneration will go to one of your favorite associations, as chosen by the person paying for the service

  4. You will then receive a fiscal donation receipt by email, corresponding to the value of the service rendered

To purchase a service:

  1. Search for the service of your choice

  2. Contact the person offering the service to set a meeting time

  3. Chose where the rem

  4. The remuneration will go to one of the favorite associations of the person offering the service, as chosen by you

Sign-up my association to start benefiting from donations

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